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Responsive web design


2ltronics goal is simple : As a new company they need to develop their visibility and credibility, as well as facilitating communication with potential customers.

mockup of a computer screen with multiple web pages.
A mobile mockup of a design for coffee delivery app.

Mobile app design

Cafe Olé

Café Olé keeps users informed of their order so they know when their order will arrive. This Food tracking delivery app is designed specifically for one restaurant for better food quality delivery.



Hi! I’m Charhendra owner of Stellux Design.

I’m from the friendly island of Sint-Maarten and a few years ago I made a bold move to France in pursuit of a different lifestyle. I’m an experiend English teacher who has a passion for design.
I enjoy the challenge of creating effective communication solutions and found a similar sense of satisfaction in designing user interfaces and experiences.

A girl with curly hair and glasses, dressed with a vest looking professional.

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