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My Educational Journey

My story

Hi! I’m Charhendra owner of Stellux Design.

I’m from the friendly island of Sint-Maarten and a few years ago I made a bold move to France in pursuit of a different lifestyle. I’m an experiend English teacher who has a passion for design.

I enjoy the challenge of creating effective communication solutions and found a similar sense of satisfaction in designing user interfaces and experiences.

Recently I decided to take the leap and switch careers to become a UI UX designer, in the process of doing just that I became much more. I’m now a UI UX designer, Graphic designer and Webdesigner. And find joy in working with clients to understand their business objectives and then crafting visually appealing and user-friendly digital products that addressed user needs.

I relish the challenge of researching and crafting visually appealing designs that matches my clients values and molding them into an expereince my clients users can enjoy. And I’m eager to put my analytical and creative skills to continue this journey.

My qualities as a person


Apart from working and developing my professional skills, I enjoy taking time for myself.
This may include : exploring the world of paper craft, testing and or developping recipes, reading novels but I am now also intrested in mangas and last but not least I do enjoy the occasional video games such as mario Kart or PVE games.



If you wish to know more about me, such as my  education and experiences , please take a look at my Curriculum Vitae.
And if you have any question please do not hesite to contact me at contact@stelluxdesign.com for further information.